Can I Convert My Dreams Into Winning Lottery Numbers? If So, Then How?

Have you asked… “Can I Convert My Dreams Into Winning Lottery Numbers? If So, Then How?” or something similar? If you did, then here’s great news…

There are a few really great books out there (probably NOT found in a library or bookstore) and they help you to convert your dreams into numbers suitable for playing in the lottery! You have a dream, look up the subject of the dream, find a number or maybe a few numbers to play, then use them however you want, in whatever games you want! 

If you win, then that would be awesome, and if not, you’re no worse off than you are right now! Everyone dreams, every night, although we do not remember most of our dreams. But when you DO wake up in the middle of a dream, and you are aware of the subject matter, you can look up the dream, and end up with some exciting lottery number suggestions!

Those daily lottery games with the three digit numbers are the very best games to play. The odds of winning a three digit number straight, are only one in a thousand, and the payoff is usually 500 to 1.

If you had a dream, converted it to a number, and felt confident in that number, you could play it straight for a dollar twenty times on separate tickets. Then if that number is selected, you would have 20 tickets each worth $500. That’s $10,000 tax free, because you can cash-in tickets of $599 or less without providing your information, and there are no taxes on the winnings of $599 or less! Hence the need for the separate tickets.

Grandmothers Dream Lottery

A book like this is ideal for anyone and everyone who plays those daily lottery games, especially those daily lottery games with a three digit outcome between 000 and 999! That’s great advice, and it’s better to have this book on hand, so order yours today! You will be glad that you did!


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