We Want To Win In The Casino! What Can We Do To Increase Our Chances Of Winning In The Casino?

For those who want to increase their chances of winning money in the casino, here are a few useful tips that might help you improve your chances of winning at casino gambling:

First and foremost, it is always a great idea to know exactly what your spending limit is. Money management is always an important subject, and it’s something that most people are not very good at, but it is very important because most people have serious trouble keeping track of their finances and their spending in everyday life, so they especially lose track of what they have spent after a few hours in a casino… always pay attention to what you’re doing , and be sure not to lose money that you need for rent, bills, mortgage payments, and other monthly expenses! This should be common sense to most folks, but if you’re gambling with money that you just cannot afford to lose, you’re asking for trouble, and you just might have a gambling problem and should probably seek professional help of some kind.

Make things easier on yourself by deciding in advance what you can afford to lose before you even start playing. If you actually start wining, that’s great, and don’t be afraid to go home with the winnings, the casino will always be open again tomorrow! It is sad that too many people will be ahead three or four hundred dollars or even three or four thousand dollars, but they will just keep playing until they give every penny of it back to the house

Get full value for all of your wagering by taking advantage of any freebies or deals that are offered by the casino! You can check at the information desk for any sort of Player’s Club or frequent visitor club offers that they might offer.

Many casinos will issue you an ID card, and every time you are playing at a table or even at a slot machine, the ID card will help the casino keep track of how much you’re spending. In this manner, you can earn points for free meals, free items in the gift shops, maybe even some free play, and perhaps a free night in their hotel, if they have one.

Use a Good Luck Amulet or Charm or a magical crystal… after all, if it helps you increase your chances of winning, then that is awesome, and if it doesn’t, then you’re no worse off than you are right now… using a good luck charm certainly can’t hurt. These days, there are so many places where you can get a good luck charm or amulet!

Pocket your winnings as you win and continue to play only with your principal bankroll… the money you intended to spend. Once that principal bankroll is completely gone, count all of your pocketed winnings then consider that you will continue to play only with half of the excess that you have… play with half of your net win (your winnings less your original bankroll). For example, if you started with 200 dollars, and you kept pocketing the winnings as you go, then when the 200 dollars are gone, let’s say your pocketed winnings were $400, continue playing only with half of that surplus… $400 – $200 = $200 divided by 2 = $100, or better still, just leave the casino with all of the profits!

You cannot play the slot machines professionally. Usually when anyone says they are a professional gambler, they are delusional; they either have a huge bank balance, perhaps a large inheritance, they own a business that gives them a steady income, or they have some other source of income, and they use some of the money to fuel their gambling habit.

You can sometimes increase your chances of beating the slot machines, and there’s a fascinating book floating around about this subject. Apparently there was once a cocktail waitress who saw one of her regulars win, win, win, and one night she asked him his secrets, and he shared them with her. After a few years of winning loads of money herself, she was becoming known to the casinos, and hated by them, so she eventually wrote this book! You can see that book here!

There are always steps that people can take to increase their chances of winning, and sometimes the steps are things such as avoiding drinking the free alcoholic beverages that some casinos might serve. After all, if you have a few drinks in you, and you get a bit “buzzed,” then you might be inclined to make a few silly mistakes, which could lose you a bundle of money!

If you’ve been gambling for hours, and you’re too tired, then take a break. When you’re too tired, you could end up making a costly mistake if not several! Here’s one mistake that frequently happens… a person who is too tired, or a bit intoxicated, is playing the slot machines, and gets up to go to another machine, but they forget to print the voucher which contains a bunch of money. A few minutes later, they run back to the machine that they just walked away from, and the voucher was already printed out by a passerby who saw there was a balance. Oh boy, you’re out of luck!

Spread Good Karma and say your prayers! Laugh if you want, but this just might help you become more lucky! If you are a good and decent person, you just might have a better chance of winning. If you’re not very nice to other people, then maybe you don’t even deserve to win. Why would the spiritual world give financial blessings to a mean or nasty person? It might also help if you promise to give a percentage of your winnings to a needy family or person in your life, or to a charity, or to a house of worship.

Also, keep a positive attitude, use The Law Of Attraction, and expect good things to happen to you! People who are negative, and who say things such as “I never win anything,” don’t usually win anything! Their negative thoughts and negative speech has a negative effect on their luck!

Until next time, Good Luck and Many Blessings!


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