My Friend Had A Sexy Dream, She Looked It Up In A Dream Book That Gives Lottery Numbers, And She Won A Thousand Dollars!

Yes, you read that correctly… she looked up the topic of the dream, and she has a cool book that she found online, which translates your dreams into winning lottery numbers, and she bought two tickets, straight for a dollar, of the 3 digit number that the dream book gave to her, and the number was drawn in the daily lottery, and each of the two tickets was worth $500 in cash. She cashed one in at the grocery store, and the other at a gas station. She is ecstatic about winning, and she said the sexy dream was pretty fun too!

It’s amazing that there are books where you have a dream, and then look it up in the dream book, and you are given a good lucky number to play in the lottery!

If you win, that’s awesome, and if not, you’re no worse off than you were before! Everyone dreams, every night, although we don’t always remember our dreams. When you do wake up and remember a dream, you can look it up and get some exciting lottery number suggestions! Maybe you will win!

Grandmothers Dream Lottery

A book like this is ideal for anyone and everyone who plays those daily lottery games! Especially for those who sometimes remember or always remember their dreams!


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